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The Wallis Petite range is specifically designed for women 5'3"/160cm and under, in sizes 8-20. Our garments are reduced proportionally from main range sizing to compliment a petite frame.

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Jumpsuits with a cinched in waist will elongate your legs.

Style a new trend and give the illusion your legs start higher up than they do.

Dresses to the knee are the most flattering on a petite frame.

Overlay tops flatter all shapes and embellishment is perfect for occasions.

High waisted trousers lengthen the appearance of your legs.

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We focus on perfecting our dresses in house to make the most of your perfectly petite frame.

Sleeve lengths are reduced on petite dresses dependant on the style.

Our short & knee length dresses are reduced proportionately to elongate your legs.

Maxi dresses are reduced in length.

At Wallis we focus on proportioning our petite jackets to suit you.

The petite jacket is reduced across the shoulders, front and back.

Sleeve lengths on petite jackets are reduced.

Jacket lengths are reduced proportionately dependant on the specific style.

To help you avoid constant trips to the tailor, all of our petite trousers are altered.

The inside leg length on petite jeans is reduced accordingly.

Tailored trousers are reduced in length - they are specifically cut shorter to suit the varying styles of each product.

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