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Ashley from @amothersedit gives us the low-down on navigating motherhood and dressing with confidence.

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Practicality has to play far more of a role. Less heels and skirts, more jeans and flats but to be honest I am actually far happier that way.

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My mum would always beg for me not to keep things for best. She would buy me a new dress and I'd be too worried to wear it so it would sit in the wardrobe untouched until I outgrew it. It wasn't until I hit my late teens her lessons finally sunk in and I went all out with fashion. I loved it. And she encouraged me to feel confident in my choices and have fun with it.

A good fitting pair of mom-jeans, black ankle boots, classic t-shirts in black, white and grey, a biker jacket and a few on-trend pieces to layer up.

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