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Red Loves Black And White Oriental Print Bomber Jacket Black Bomber Jacket Black Tapered Trousers Black And White Jogger Ivory Pocket Shirt Silver Multirow Chain Necklace Black Animal Print Dress Red Loves

We invited Red magazine’s fashion and shopping editor Laura Fantacci to Wallis head office to meet our Design Director Jo Collins and pick her favourite pieces from our gorgeous spring summer range. Find out what Laura picked and how she’ll be styling it this season.

Red Loves Red Loves

#1 My number one would be the jumpsuit. Think of it as a pair of jeans, there’s definitely a comfort factor that comes with it whilst also feeling fresh and new.
#2 Pastels are huge this season and it’s all about textures as well as the colour palette. I think the pink lace dress is a great choice; it translates the pastel trend in a modern way.
#3 My third would have to be the bomber jacket and for me the crazier the better! Opt for a floral print that you can wear with a t-shirt and jeans to update your look.