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Style Tips Style Tips

If you need help building flattering and wearable outfits follow these easy style tips to make the most of your petite wardrobe. 

Trousers Petite Trousers Trousers

High waisted trousers lengthen the appearance of your legs.
Wear them with a cropped top or longer jacket to further
enhance the look and flatter your petite frame.


Wide leg trousers will provide the illusion of longer legs.
The length and fluidity of wide leg trousers will provide the
illusion of longer legs.


Tuck your tops into your trousers.
This will give the appearance of elongating your legs


Straight cut jeans in a darker wash,
will slim the appearance of your overall length.


Keep your trouser length long.
Rolling up the hem will shorten the appearance of your legs. 



Dresses Petite Dresses Dresses


Maxi Dresses with a cinched in waist elongate a petite frame.

 Maxi dresses with a cinched in waist will elongate your petite frame whilst streamlining your silhouette.


Dresses to the knee are the most flattering on a petite frame.
Dresses are perfect on a petite frame. Keep them above or just to the knee.


Keep print and colour simple.


Colour block dresses will streamline your silhouette.
Streamline your silhouette with dresses in just one colour.


A classic cut will make the most of your slender silhouette.

Shoes View All Shoes Shoes

Platform heels will add leg length, with added comfort and practicality.
Platform high heels will elongate your legs, whilst remaining comfortable and practical.


Nude high heels are perfect for elongating your legs.
Additionally to nude shoes, if you match the colour of your footwear to your trousers
this will also help to lengthen the leg.


Pointed toe flat shoes will lengthen your leg line.
If you struggle to wear high heels all day long, opt for pointed flat shoes, as the
pointed toe will lengthen your leg line.

Jackets Petite Jackets & Blazers Jackets

Longline jackets provide the impression your legs start higher up than they do.

Wear a longline jacket with slim fit trousers, this style will cover the start of your legs, giving the impression that your legs start higher up than they do. Gilets will also have the same effect as longline jackets, and will also add some versatility into your wardrobe.


Cropped jackets focus the eye upwards

Cropped jackets, especially in lighter colours, will focus the eye upwards, increasing the proportionate length of your bottom half. Wear them withfuller skirts and trousers to maximise the look.

Accesories Bags & Purses Accesories

Avoid the oversized handbag trend.
This will swamp your petite frame.


Smaller bags are the perfect accessory.
Clutch bags and small bags are much better at flattering a petite frame.

Prints Petite Florals Prints

Keep your prints small and delicate.
Avoid any large print, keep all of your prints small and delicate to
enhance your petite frame.


Vertical stripes create long lines.
These long lines give the appearance of a longer leg line.

Jumpsuits Jumpsuits

Block colour jumpsuits with a defined waist will elongate your legs.
When choosing a style of jumpsuit, opt for a block colour with a defined waist, this will elongate your legs. Avoid drop waist styles as they will shorten your legs.