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Petite and Powerful1 Petite and Powerful1

What’s your go to item of clothing to make sure you look and feel great for the day ahead?


Laura - Skinny Jeans and Boots.

Sally - Skinny jeans and a loose fitting top with boots.

Megan - black heels.


Who’s your biggest source of inspiration?


Laura - Reading - I love a good self-help business book!

Sally - I really like casual, pretty styles, no one in particular but I get lots of ideas from Instagram.

Megan - Other local business owners.

Petite and Powerful2 Petite and Powerful2

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?


Laura - Don't sweat the small stuff - my old boss used to say it all the time - how true it is.         

Sally - If it makes you feel it!          

Megan - Don't sweat the small stuff


What do you wear when nobody’s watching?


Laura - PJ's and a cosy cardie - heaven!

Sally - PJs

Megan - Onesie!


What’s the first thing you do when you get up in the morning?


Laura - Check my iPhone and see what I've missed in the few hours I have been asleep – that’s bad!! But a lot can happen overnight LOL!

Sally –  Cuddle my 2 babies in bed, then shower with them sat on the bathroom floor waiting for me :-)         

Megan –  Check my phone!

What’s your guilty pleasure? 


Laura - Binge watching Netlix whilst catching up on emails at the end of the day with a wine!

Sally - Diet Coke!

Megan - Wine!

Petite and Powerful3 Petite and Powerful3

How do you maintain a good work-life balance?


Laura - It’s tricky - you just do the best you can and outsource whatever you can like the cleaning, ironing etc - anything that stops you spending time with your kids when you’re not working.  And make the most of the family time you do have.

Sally- Try and find a little bit if time each day to re-group and check the balance...if it is off think it. Small changes make huge differences.

Megan - A tough question for a business owner... try each day to take 5 or 30 for a run or cuddles with the kids.


What’s your secret to success?


Laura - There is no secret it’s just hard work! That and working with the very best people you can - surround yourselves with like-minded individuals - choose your tribe wisely!  We are a formidable team!

Sally - Teamwork ... we are surrounded by amazing people; we wouldn't be where we are with out the back up and support we have from the team.

Megan - The power of 3, more ideas & give each other the confidence to go forward.


What was the first job you ever had?


Laura - I worked in a chippy for £2 an hour - my Mum made me take my clothes off in the garage because I stank - LOL!

Sally - Waitressing.

Megan - Shop assistant at a garden centre


What’s an average day like now you’re the boss?


Laura - Busy and no one day is the same in our game because of the events and all the different types of orders, our day can start as early as 5am and can be spent setting up jobs, answering emails and working with the team in the office or attending site visits and sales meetings, its a real mixed bag!

Sally - So much harder than when I wasn't!

Megan - Hard work…juggling school runs with events, business development and then staff worries…always something to keep you on your toes.

What do you do to wind-down after a long day at work?


Laura - Run, cook dinner or drink wine depending on the day :) Except on a Friday - we will often gather the troops and head to the pub to feed the kids and wind down.

Sally - When it is possible I go running, if I can't do that then a glass of wine will do! 

Megan - A run or large wine

Petite and Powerful4 Petite and Powerful4

What are the three things you can’t live without in your work wear wardrobe?


Laura - Jeans, cardie and a good all round day dress

Sally - Skinny jeans, floaty tops and jumper dresses.

Megan - black heels, bodycon dress & a smart jacket.