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Holiday Beauty Tips1 Holiday Beauty Tips1

There’s nothing like a pre-holiday Boots haul to set you up before you jet off to (hopefully) sunnier climes! A trip away is the perfect excuse to treat your skin to some TLC & if you’re chasing that holiday glow then these expert beauty tips are not to be missed.

Holiday Beauty Tips2 Holiday Beauty Tips2

Before you go…

Skincare Expert Nichola Joss recommends “Exfoliate your skin to help dislodge all dead skin cells that lie on the top layer of your skin. This will enable all other products to work deeper into the skin.” Delve into Sanctuary’s Ultimate Salt Scrub once or twice a week in the run up to your holiday.


Want to hit the beach more glowing than ghostly? Add a Gradual Tan In Shower Lotion to your morning routine (we love St.Tropez) – just 3 minutes a day will build up a natural looking sunkissed glow.


“The main advantage of gradual self tanning products is that they do not give such an immediate effect as a product that only requires one application therefore any mistakes go completely un-noticed!”

–Nichola Joss

Holiday Beauty Tips3 Holiday Beauty Tips3

While you’re away…

Switch up your Shower Gel for a Shower Oil to give skin a much-needed boost of moisture. Sanctuary’s 2 Day Shower Oil contains gold of pleasure & olive oils to nourish & help protect skin.


Your mini fridge is your friend!

If hayfever plus sticky temperatures and a restless night means your eyes are puffier than a vol-au-vent, chill a couple of teaspoons & place them on closed eyelids for ten seconds for more wide awake eyes.

Holiday Beauty Tips4 Holiday Beauty Tips4

Feeling hot & bothered?

Pack Sanctuary’s Cooling Shower Drench which blends waterlily, cucumber water & aloe vera for an ice-cool, ultra-refreshing start or end to the day!

For many of us, holidays mean frazzled hair! 

Indulge in Sanctuary’s Oil Cream Moisture Mask to nourish hair & reduce breakage by up to a whopping 96%. Simply squeeze out excess moisture from freshly washed hair, massage into lengths of hair & leave for 3 minutes before washing out.

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When you’re on a holiday getting lots of sunshine (and having a cocktail or two!) skin will become dehydrated and dry very quickly. Nichola recommends "Make sure that you nourish skin at night using a facial oil which contains rose to calm, soothe and feed the skin without feeling too heavy."

Don’t forget you can look after your skin from the inside out! Health Coach Laura from says “When you are at the dinner buffet, make sure you add a side of salad including some colourful veggies to the mix. Snack on brightly coloured fruits too, all of which will provide added antioxidants to help protect your cells from skin damage.”

When you get home…

Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise! You’ve got your gorgeous sunkissed glow, now keep it from fading (or peeling!) away for as long as possible by moisturising daily with Sanctuary’s Luxurious Body Butter.

You’re back from holiday & back to work, we know the post-holiday blues all too well. Sanctuary’s brand new 1 Minute Flash Facial is the perfect skin pick-me-up. Just one minute in the morning & you’ll be looking & feeling a whole lot brighter!

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